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Mission Statement

To empower individuals or groups to overcome social and financial boundaries to achieve their goals and dreams!

We love being active, creative, inspiring others and being inspired by others. We are artists, surfers,stand up paddle boarders, kite boarders and more. The beach, having fun and being on the water is a big part of our lives. We live on a Caribbean island and appreciate every single day and hope to make an impact in a positive way. 

During our times out there in the deep blue sea, we often come across amazing individuals who are on their journey to do epic things. While they are dreaming about reaching these epic goals, they often need help. How could we help? With Peripheral Life & Style’s Sunglasses. With every purchase, the customer gets to pick what lifestyle they want to support. We have athletes who are trying to reach a professional status, cross-fitters who want to go to national and South African surfers who are trying to get off of the streets.

What lifestyle do you support?


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