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1 - How do I pick a cause to support with my purchase? 

After adding a pair of sunglasses to your cart, click on the top menu on the word "Sunglasses". A drop down menu will appear that says "Individuals", "Groups" and "Causes". Explore each area to pick who you want to support and add them to your cart.

2 - Where do you ship?

We ship to the USA and Canada only at this time. Shipping may vary depending on the size of your order. Live in the Cayman Islands? Enjoy FREE Shipping/Delivery on us!

3 - How do I get involved?

Contact us on our Contact page. 

4 - What happens if you don't pick an Individual, Cause or Group to give the money to?

The Peripheral Team will use this money to make a donation of the teams choice. This can be influenced by our customers sending us emails or posting on our Facebook page letting us know someone or some group that deserves the extra support.

5 - How can I make a donation with my retail store purchase?

Thank you for purchasing your Peripherals from one of your supporting retail stores. Because the store has to make money too we can only make a 10% donation to the individual, cause or group of your choice.  

6 - Please email us your choice on the contact us page with a photo of your glasses. 

Where are you location in Grand Cayman?

Find us at the following locations: